TENICORE Ballenzeh-Korrektor für Damen und Herren, großer Zeh. Verstellbare Knopf-Bunion-Schiene zur Ballenentlastung. Orthopädischer Zehenglätter mit rutschfestem Fersenband. Geeignet für linke und rechte Füße (1 Stück)

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Help Your Toe Restored to Health Wear it at Night Without Slipping off

Bunion Corrector

  • Adjustable
  • Effect Visualization
  • Precise Correction
  • Anti-slip

Suitable for Left & Right Feet Suitable for Men & Women

Product Details

  • Silicone Protective Pad
  • Toe Fixed Force
  • Adjustable Heel Strap
  • Soft and Breathable Foot Strap
  • 3D Knob Adiustment

New Toe Correction Technique

  • 160°Correction
    Suitable for Different Degrees of Valgus
  • 3D Knob Design
    Adjust the Correction Angle Accurately
  • Multi-function Knob
    Press the Knob to Readjust the Angle

3D Knob Adjustment

Adjust the Correction Angle According to the Degree of Valgus

Note: Not to be worn inside shoes

Recommended for home use

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With International R&D team integrate the best quality industrial design and user experience into home physiotherapy equipment, go all out and strive to build the best bunion equipment brand.

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