TENICORE XH Big Toe Adjustable Knob Bunion Corrector

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Estilo: Corrector de juanete 1 pieza

Suitable for mild, moderate and severe bunion correction.

New Concept Of Osteopathy

  • Adjustable
  • Effect Visualization
  • Precise Correction
  • Easy to Use

New Ergonomic Design

  1. Double Correction——Push the big foot bone while pulling the big toeapart torestore the normal toe fundmentally.
  2. Stepless Adjustment——Use the stepless knob to adjust the distance of the bone pad and apply pressure to the bulge.

Corrective Visualization

Regardless of the degree of valgus, it does not squeeze the big foot bones, and the strength can be adjusted at any time.

Suitable For All Occasions

  • For the Elderly
  • For Friends
  • For Family
  • For Colleagues

The big toe fxing plate can be inserted horizontally in the direction of the arrow.

Use Steps

  1. Loosen the straps, put on and secure the silicone pad to the foot bone.
  2. Adiust the arch strap to fix the sole of the foot.
  3. Adjust the big toe strap.
  4. Adiust the knob to the appropriate tension.

Carefully Selected 7-Piece Set